How can I [bulk unfollow] on Twitter for FREE?

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bulk unfollow users in twitter

Twitter does allow unfollowing but not too aggressively. You can not follow and unfollow same people repeatedly. But there are tools which can help you quickly unfollow people who are not following you back. These tools will also help you avoid following/unfollowing same people again and again. Most of the tools have some limitations due to Twitter API restrictions But they will simplify the process. User have to unfollow people manually to honor twitter limits. Apps which doesn’t follow these terms and allow bulk following/unfollowing will be banned eventually. So, beware of any tools who promise bulk follow/unfollow.

If you want People to follow you and become your followers, you should make sure that you do not follow a lot of people at the same time. Adding 10-20 people in your following list at one time is fine. Once those people follow or unfollow you, you can keep or remove them from your list- if they are not adding any value.

To make people follow you as you are following them, you have to keep engaging the people you are following.

You can use RoboFollow  to unfollow people who are not following you back. It has a simple UI for the users to do it very quickly.

bulk unfollow users in twitter

The interface is very clean. You can identify your unfollowers easily and unfollow them very quickly in a matter of minutes. You can also use other tools like ManageFlitter, Unfollowerstats to identify unfollowers.

Guidelines to unfollow Twitter followers :

Keep limits in Mind:

Twitter has a general limit of 1000 follows/unfollows a day. But this is a hard limit and if you reach this consistently every day, your account will be locked. Twitter call it as aggressive following and follow churn. A good rule of thumb is to not follow/unfollow more than 150 users a day.

Keep your followers under 10% more than people you follow:

Clean up your twitter unfolowers regularly to maintain your friends not to exceed more than 10%. As your follows will be considered determining your follower/friend ratio, keep this intact. If some one wants to follow you, this is the first thing they will consider for your account.

Don’t unfollow the same people repeatedly:

Try to avoid following / unfollowing the same people repeatedly as this will lead to locking your account. Twitter keeps monitoring people for aggressive following/unfollowing and will ban/lock people who do this very often.

Give your followers some time:

Lastly give some time for your followers to prove them they are valuable. Some of your followers may not be active the very next day. If you unfollow them the next day, there is a chance that you miss the opportunity to engage with them. Giving them some more time may be valuable over long term.

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