6 ways to increase followers on Twitter [without buying]

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How to get more followers?

You can increase Twitter follower count without actually buying them in scam websites. There are many strategies to get more followers and the key to all is ‘Great content’ with right engagement.

Always post great content

Content is the king and you can gravitate more twitter followers to your account by posting great and relevant content. Try to include images, info-graphics to improve the CTR. If your content is likable, it will speak for you to engage more users and eventually they will follow you to get the content feeding.

Good bio and description for your handle

People will get to understand what your account is for just by reading your bio. Keep it straight by having your achievements within a line. e.g: Author of Zero to One. Some times people will follow just by reading bio. Have an indication about your niche.

Follow relevant people

Try to follow relevant people who belongs to the same niche or with a common interest. By doing this, you can engage the followers of these people with right info and answers their questions when you get a chance. This will lead to more followers. Most of the users will follow you back if you are the right audience for them.

Use hashtags

Always try to include at-least one hashtag with your tweets to engage more people. But limit your hashtags to not more than 3 as the CTR will drop with more hashtags. People will tend to search tweets based on a hashtag and will visit your Twitter handle if they like your tweet.

Keep an eye on competitors and their followers

This sounds odd but analyzing the statistics of competitors is another nice way to know more methods to engage your followers and also to attract their followers to your handle. You can understand what timings are more engaging to tweet and leverage it to your advantage.

Clean up your account regularly

Always keep an eye on who you are following and clean up inactive, Spam users to maintain your followers/friend ratio. Most of the people will see this as a metric to follow you back. You can use Robo Follow to clean up inactive users for free.

By following these guidelines, you can surely increase your followers. But getting followers is just a starting point and feeding them great content is the key to your success. How are you planning to increase your followers? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Way to go on this post man. Really killer stuff. I’ll be back to read your other posts.

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