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copy twitter followers

Copy followers is a good way to increase your followers. But this will only work when you have great content and the followers you are copying belong to the same niche.

You can use this technique to moderately grow your followers. You can apply this to your friends, thought leaders in your niche  and competitors to copy their followers.

How copy followers is going to get more followers?

When you follow a new user, they will get notified and there is a good chance that they will visit your handle out of curiosity. If your profile is relevant and if you have good content, most likely they will follow you back. Always keep a profile relevant and precise to your field to get greater results.

Our copy followers feature will make it easy for you to attain greater results by allowing different filters.

Keep in mind of Twitter limits while doing this to avoid a lock down from Twitter.

FAQ: Is there a way to copy all of the followers of another user?

The simple answer to this question is ‘No’. We don’t suggest  it either as it is completely against Twitter rules and also will not yield the best results for you. You can use tools like RoboFollow, ManagerFlitter etc to filter the users to copy manually one by one. While copying followers, you will get a chance to look at the follower details at a high level and can follow if the follower is relevant.

How to copy followers using RoboFollow?

Here is the procedure.

Login to RoboFollow.

Navigate to Copy Followers page.

copy twitter followers

Enter your friend/competitor user name. Click on ‘Get Followers’ button.

You will be listed with followers of the user name you have entered in the text box.

copy followers

You can filter the followers using one of the following filters.

  • Skip Friends
  • Low following Ratio
  • High following Ratio
  • Hide fake users
  • Hide inactive users
  • Filter verified accounts
  • Exclude protected accounts

copy followers

Give some time for the followers to follow you back. You can always cleanup followers using unfollow feature.

I hope this feature will allow you to grow your following organically at a faster rate. Share your results here with others.

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