Most Popular Twitter Users

Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter ? [2017]

Here is the list of top twitter users of 2017. You can see popular tweets of these accounts by clicking on their name. Twitter Tweets Followers Following 1 katyperry 8,798 107,679,199 207 2 justinbieber 30,646 104,518,553 317,610 3 BarackObama 15,486 98,096,553 625,967 4 taylorswift13 80 85,829,506 0 5 rihanna 10,058 84,590,095 1,125 6 TheEllenShow 15,603 […]

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copy twitter followers

Copy Followers Twitter [for beginners]

Copy followers is a good way to increase your followers. But this will only work when you have great content and the followers you are copying belong to the same niche. You can use this technique to moderately grow your followers. You can apply this to your friends, thought leaders in your niche  and competitors to […]

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bulk unfollow users in twitter

How can I [bulk unfollow] on Twitter for FREE?

Twitter does allow unfollowing but not too aggressively. You can not follow and unfollow same people repeatedly. But there are tools which can help you quickly unfollow people who are not following you back. These tools will also help you avoid following/unfollowing same people again and again. Most of the tools have some limitations due […]

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